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my I Love Dog

I love my dog.

My dog I love.

Love my dog I.

2 Question
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school go to you everyday

To school you go everyday.

You go to school everyday.

Go to school everyday you.

3 Question
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I guitar the well play very

Very well I play the guitar.

I play the guitar very well.

The guitar I play well very.

4 Question
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and sister don't other see anymore I my each

My sister don't see each other I anymore and.

Don't see each other anymore I and my sister.

I and my sister don't see each other anymore.

5 Question
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interested not why you are?

Why are you not interested?

Not interested are you why?

You are not interested why?

6 Question
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I'm heaven in ! God ,

I'm heaven, God in!

Heaven! I'm in God,

God, I'm in heaven!

7 Question
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manners others respect love and win of good the

Win the love and respect of good manners others.

Good manners win the love and respect of others.

Respect of others and win love the good manners.

8 Question
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like respectful is who even strangers a person

Respectful person even a strangers like who is.

Who is a respectful person even strangers like.

Even strangers like a person who is respectful.

9 Question
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coincidence what is a this!

What a coincidence this is!

This is a coincidence what!

What coincidence is a this!

10 Question
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know answers the these questions who to?

Who answers to these questions the knows?

Who knows the answers to these questions?

Knows the questions to answers who these?

11 Question
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best young one is be learnt can when they

Best young learnt one they can be when is.

They can be learnt best when one is young.

Young learnt best when one is they can be.

12 Question
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a people know desire why to have

People have a desire to know why.

Have a desire to know why people.

Desire a people have to know why.

13 Question
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east the rises sun in the

The east in the sun rises.

Rises in the sun the east.

The sun rises in the east.

14 Question
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asked knew I lived him where she if he

She asked him if he knew where I lived.

If he asked him she knew I lived where.

Where she knew I lived if he asked him.

15 Question
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usually leave when ? train does the

Train does the leave when usually?

When does the leave usually train?

When does the train usually leave?

16 Question
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again where I see can you?

I can you see again where?

Where can I see you again?

Where I see you can again?

17 Question
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this how city beautiful is

How beautiful this city is!

This is beautiful city how!

Is this how beautiful city!

18 Question
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winter Russia lot it in a snows in

In Russia snows it a lot in winter.

It snows a lot in winter in Russia.

Russia snows a lot in winter it in.

19 Question
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play he basketball to loves

He loves to play basketball.

To loves play basketball he.

He basketball loves to play.

20 Question
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morning drink every we coffee

Every morning coffee we drink.

Morning we drink every coffee.

We drink coffee every morning.