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The proper pronunciation of the word enalapril is?


HowToPronounce helps you to learn pronunciation of medicines, drugs or chemical names contributed by the community

We as a community work hard to eliminate the mispronunciation of drug names which could be tricky and difficult with combination of chemical names derived from greek and latin. Listen and learn from the audios and videos contributed by community, practice, embed, share or save it to your collections for future reference

You can even learn how to correctly say a word, place, drug, medical, technical terminologies, and much more using application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why pronunciation of medicine or drugs is difficult?

The medicine names are derived based on their chemical compound names and these names are further derived from greek and latin and hence the pronunciation can be difficult.

How important it is to pronounce drug names correctly?

Due to the similarity of name between medicines of different use and cure, a mistake in pronunciation could be grave

Can i find pronunciations of all medicines and drugs here?

Our community and team actively contributes drug names and its pronunciation.

How can i request a pronunciation for a drug name?

You can click the + icon near the search bar and select Add word and our community will be happy to contribute pronunciations

Can I share my recorded pronunciations of drug names to anyone?

Yes you can share the audio pronunciation to anyone or even embed the pronunciation on any website

Can I store all my medicine pronunciation as a list?

Yes, you can create collections for this purpose and access the list anytime.